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Father's Day Gift Ideas DIY

It's almost Father's Day.  Are you out of ideas?  I am here to help.  First, what does your dad like?  Is it food?  Does he have a hobby? What about chocolate?  Homemade cards from the kids or grandkids are great options too.  Here are  five ideas for you to DIY.

1.  Slippers gift pack, load up a pair of slippers with items like shaving cream, razor, cologne and lip balm in one slipper and fill the other slipper with dad's favorite treats, chocolate, candy and other snacks.

2.  Favorite drinks in a 6 pack carton holder or wooden crate, fill with favorite beer, root beer or sodas with a fun can opener.

3.  Jars or mugs of snacks, decorate with favorite saying like "To the Best Pop in the World (with popcorn), Love you to Pieces (with a jar or reeses pieces) I'm nuts about you (container of nuts).

4.  Create a grilling kit, put in a nice crate.  Include items like spices, wooden planks, fun aprons, grill accessories.

5.  Create a bouquet of socks, get colorful socks and put them on a stick and find a vase or jar to put the sticks in.

You can find how to do these crafts by googling DIY father's day ideas on utube and check Pinterest.  It will be more memorable if the gift is from the heart. 

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